aspirazione, ventilazione, impianti per industrie
The simple inlet centrifugal fan captures air axially and expels it radially. The double inlet centrifugal fan captures air axially on two sides and expels it radially.
ventilatori industriali, ventilatori elicoidali, accessori per ventilazione
The electric axial fan captures air axially and expels it axially. The following model categories have been developed according to on air consistency, temperature, flow, pressure and noise.
elettroventilatori, ventilatori per grandi aspirazioni, ventilatori a torrino
The electric roof exhaust fan extracts air, fumes and gases. It is ideal for installation on roofs and terraces with weather-protective casing. Air consistency, temperature, flow and pressure form the basis for the following models.
elettroventilatori, centrifughe, pale
These fans are designed according to customer specifications and designs, responding to their specific needs with different characteristics compared to standard models.
centrifughe, giranti, pale
Standard and special (according to customer design), also offered as spare parts for VENTILMOTOR fans, and can be adapted for use with other manufacturer's products.
motori per ventilatori, motori elettrici, giranti
Electric motors entirely developed by us, special electric motors with characteristics different to those in the standard range, as well as standard electric motors used and sold by Ventilmotor.
semi-lavorati, ventilazione, aspirazione
In addition to traditional industrial fans, Ventilmotor also produces semi-finished frames and solutions determined by the development of the industrial fan
flange, griglie, pale
Accessories for complementary use with fans. The majority of these form an integral part of the construction of specific fan models.
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